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While Gameband is not shipping yet, you may have questions.

What are its stats? Is it waterproof? Can I use it to time- travel? These and other questions answered below :) If anything comes up and there is no answer, feel free to use the button below to contact us. You can also find more info on our Kickstarter page (insert link). Either way we will try to reply as quickly as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

1What are the tech specs of the Gameband?

You can check the band’s technical details here

2Is it waterproof?

Don’t worry about getting your Gameband wet! Gameband is IPX7 compliant. In practical terms this means it is will survive: Splashes, Rain or Snow, Showering and/or Incidental exposure to water (of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes). As with all tech, better to limit it’s exposure to water as much as possible, but if accidents happen you are pretty much covered.

3Can I use other MicroSD cards? And how big can they be?

Yes! Gameband will be able to use any MicroSD format card, however: we strongly recommend using U3 memory for the best possible performance. If you plan on using the SD card as a gaming drive, or for other high-speed activities, a cheap low-bandwidth MicroSD will not give you a good experience. As for the size, Gameband can take cards up to 256GB. Plenty of room.

4What are the strap options available?

Basic models ship with a black silicon strap, unless otherwise specified for a special edition. More straps will be made available, and actually since our Kickstarter we have been working on all kinds of cool designs (check out the accessories section where we plan to make these available for other watches as well). Also our straps are standard 22mm, so you can also pretty easily get straps from other sources that will support your Gameband.

1What OS does Gameband use?

Gameband has a customized Android OS based on the Nougat release (7.1).

2What do I need to use to synchronize my Gameband and my PC?

We are developing a platform called Pixelfurnace that will allow you to manage your Gameband from any PC (Mac, Windows or Linux). Bear in mind you can also manage settings and data via iOS and Android companion apps via your phone.

3Will it be compatible with my phone?

Yes! There are companion apps for Android and iOS phones.

4Can I get Pixel Furnace even if I don’t buy a MicroSD card from you?

Yes. We are planning to make Pixelfurnace available for download to anyone. That said, if you buy a MicroSD from us it will come pre-loaded with Pixelfurnace, and we will offer one year free backup up to the full storage capacity of that MicroSD (i.e. for a 32GB we will backup up to 32GB of your data on our secure servers for free for one year, with a fixed annual charge yearly thereafter).

1Why did you choose to launch a crowdfunding campaign?

Launching a hardware product is very difficult and costly. It’s very hard to get investment as most investors prefer to invest in software. Those are a few of the reasons we decided that to get the product (and our company) launched we would get help from crowdfunding, in this case the Kickstarter community. This also allows us to get a lot of feedback from future users and fine-tune the end product to be the best it can possibly be.

2Do funders have benefits compared to other users?

There are normally perks and benefits linked to Kickstarter campaigns. Anyone that supported us on Kickstarter got special pricing and access to limited edition software and other goodies. From better prices to seeing all the product cycle, from its concept to final development (and that includes both the problems and the successes!), supporting a crowdfunding campaign is about bringing something to life that would otherwise be impossible.

3Can I still participate on the crowdfunding?

Unfortunately not! Kickstarter is closed, and we are working to get Gameband delivered as soon as we can in 2018, having hit a few bumps along the way. Pre-ordering is possible via Indiegogo, so check us out there if you want to an early-adopter!

1Can I become a developer for Gameband?

Yes. It you are a developer and you have an app or an idea you want to see available on Gameband, let us know here and we will hook you up with our early SDK.

2Will there be a store where I can publish my games or other contents?

Yes, we are planning on having a store for launch, and that users can access content on Google Play (given our OS us Android-based).

1Can you help me with Gameband+Minecraft?

This product is from a few years ago, and is no longer shipping, however: there are some volunteers that help on support, you can check out their FAQ here.

2Can I use it to time-travel?

This was one of the most frequently asked questions on our Kickstarter campaign. We wish it were so. Maybe in version 2.0.


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